Current News — 07 November 2013
R. S. Krishnia, Jt.CP/Northern Range inaugurates the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in the area of P. S. Mangol Puri

Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in Outer District inaugurated by Jt.CP/Northern Range in Deepali Enclave, Pitam Pura, in the area of P.S. Mangol Puri.


On 6/11/13 Sh. R. S. Krishnia, Jt.CP/Northern Range inaugurated the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in the area of P. S. Mangol Puri, Outer Distt which was attended by Sh. Sanjay Kumar, Addl. CP/OD, Sh. M. A. Rizvi, Addl. DCP/OD Sh. J. B. Jain, Sh. Manoj Seth, Sh. Vinod Bansal, Office bearers of RWA of Deepali and more than 200 people of the different areas of Pitam Pura & Rohini. This neighbourhood Watch Scheme was launched in Deepali Enclave for enhanced coordination between the close-knit communities and Police.

The residents of Deepali Enclave voluntarily and vehemently contributed in this scheme and got installed 40 CCTV’s Cameras of high qualities which cover the entire Deepali Area consisting of almost 450 houses. A separate control room has also been established to monitor the CCTV cameras round the clock. They have also installed 20 speed-breakers of good quality in the Deepali Area in order to provide safety and security to the residents. They have also engaged the services of 25 security guards round the clock. With the help of this scheme, the police seek to involve the community in reducing property-related offences like burglary and snatching, improving community spirit in crime prevention, increasing police-community relations and reducing juvenile delinquency by involving youth.

The Neighbourhood Watch Scheme includes formation of communities, issue of ID cards which would carry basic details about the individual including the number of family members and holding of regular meetings to create more awareness on several aspects of the security of the area and safety of the residents.  The members of these communities would meet the police officers of the area once in a month and would remain in regular touch with the beat patrolling staff to ensure that there is better vigilance/surveillance.

The members of these NWS committees come from all ages and demographic & professional profiles making them more inclusive. NWS will make communities more ‘alert’ about their surroundings. NWS will encourage the members to share each other’s information for better response during any emergency. The police has already put up boards and hoardings in different localities to improve the level of awareness.

Efforts will be made to encourage the other areas/communities to install security devices such as CCTV cameras, door chains, Magic Eye, cross-linked alarms, etc. Alertness of  NWS members will help in restricting the entry and movement of unauthorized hawkers, venders, etc. in the area. NWS will also seek to get greater participation of members in verification of servants & tenants.

It is also pertinent to mention here that the residents of Deepali are highly motivated and now they are intending to install automatic boom – barriers to enhance the security system.

(Sanjay Kumar)IPS

Addl.  Commissioner of Police

Outer District, Delhi


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