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Current News — 27 February 2017


New Delhi

When we today talk about multi-specialty hospitals in DELHI NCR ,a few hospitals we can name of and if we talk of trusted one ,Sir Ganga Ram Hospital ,Rajinder  Nagar,New Delhi is one of them.

The original hospital was first founded in 1921 at Lahore  India (now Pakistan) by Sir Ganga Ram (1851-1927), a civil engineer and leading philanthropist of his times. Following WWII  and after the Partition of India  in 1947, this second hospital was established in New Delhi on a plot of land approximately 11 acres. The foundation was laid in April 1951 by the then Prime Minister of India Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru and was inaugurated by him on 13 April 1954.

The hospital nearly closed due to lack of funds in the 1970s. It was restructured by Dr. K.C. Mahajan,one of New Delhi’s notable general surgeons, in 1981. As chairman of the Board of Management, Dr. Mahajan revised the financial and functional structure of the hospital. He still serves as an Emeritus Consultant in the hospital’s department of general surgery. The lesson learned in 1970s changed the hospital focus from being service oriented to being profitable with high quality canteen service.

The hospital now provide almost every treatment under one roof and the patient doesn’t need to be shifted to other hospitals to get certain tests which is there still with some of the hospitals.Such facility by Sir Ganga Ram Hospital make it one of a unique kind,but this hasn’t been overnight lot of efforts by specialized doctor’s team current and ex and obviously the leadership by experienced doctor like DR.D.S.RANA, MBBS, MD, MNAMS, FISN
Awarded Padma Shri by the Hon’ble President of India
Chairman, Board of Management & Department of Nephrology
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital the current chairman of the Hospital Board of Management had made this possible.

Departments like fetal medicine,bariatric surgery,renal,pediatrics ,eye at this hospital has one of the finest doctors available in India.

The OPD’s has become very systematic under Dr. Rana Chairmanship ,that even the general category don’t have to struggle to get the treatment in an easy manner.

The General Quota is given to the person in need of that particular category,thus the hospital adhere to the Delhi Government ,BPL norms too.

The multi level parking too is coming up at the hospital under Dr. Rana Chairmanship,which will make the woes easier of the people coming to visit their patients.

The patients and doctors can now access their reports online and even can compare them with their previous reports ,thus understanding their anatomy and the special card created by the hospital maintains the patient data ,so that when the next time a patient is admitted time is not wasted on unnecessary reports.

Departments like eye and specialty units headed by Dr.S.N.Jha,assisted by Dr. Nidhi and other senior consultants are very much specialists in retina defects analsyis and provides utmost treatment to these patients,Fetal medicine headed by Dr. Baijal,assisted by Dr. Nandita  too is a department to talk about ,as it diagnose the defects of the fetal in the womb only which can be treated through fetal medicine.Paeditrician unit headed by Dr. Anil Sachdeva and assisted by Dr. Dhiren Gupta too exhibit a varied exposure to kids various ailments and provide an efficient treatment to it.

The canteen has seen a change of hand in terms of caretaker and now it provides a more hugenic and variety of food at affordable price for patients attendants and visitors ,who feel like having home like food.

The garden within the hospital at the entrance is a treat for patients attendant in vain,it is so beautifully maintained ,that an agonized relative of a patient can relieve some stress there by listening to nature voice and thus these voices of nature and greenery to eyes to a certain extent calm the otherwise worried relatives of patients for sometime.A lot to this project of maintaining the garden ,the efforts of gardeners and also to the chairman wife according to sources ,who put her efforts and contribution in maintaining this.

Dr.Rana is also one of the humane chairman Sir Gangaram Hospital might have seen in terms of employee’s welfare too,as with such a great manpower it is very difficult to address their issues .

Sir Ganga Ram hospital has come a long way in these two decades and the pace with which it is going ahead with medical technological upgradation and implentation with a specialised team of doctors who augment it  ,time is not far when it will become the No.1 Hospital of INDIA.




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