10 Easy Ways to Delay the Onset of Wrinkles

10 Easy Ways to Delay the Onset of Wrinkles


Dr. Prabhu Mishra, CEO, StemGenn Therapeutics


A healthy skin that defies age is everyone’s envy.  But ageing is a natural process; we can delay it, but cannot stop it indefinitely. Genetic make-up, heredity, lifestyle all determines ageing. With age, the connecting fibres of our skin — collagen and elastin, break down, giving us fine lines and wrinkles. Here are 10 simple things by Dr. Prabhu Mishra, CEO, Co-Founder, StemGenn Therapeutics you can do to delay the onset of those tell-tale signs of age.


Avoid exposure to sun

The harsh rays of the sun are the biggest culprit for premature ageing and wrinkling of skin. When you step out in the sun, make sure your skin is adequately protected against the glare. Apply sun block cream; wear long sleeves and dark glasses for sun protection.  The skin around the eyes is thin and vulnerable. It is the first to get affected and give you crow’s feet or wrinkles around the eyes.

Eat healthy

Just like any other organ of your body, your skin too, needs the right nutrients to look and stay healthy. Make sure your diet is balanced and includes plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables.  Yellow, red, orange and purple coloured fruits and veggies, being rich in anti-oxidants, are good for your skin. Add foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids — fatty fish (salmon, mackerel and tuna), walnuts, flax seed, olive oil and chia seeds – in your diet. They help the skin stay moisturized and supple and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Keep yourself hydrated

As you go through your day, your body loses moisture through sweating and excretion. You need to replenish this water loss and stay hydrated so that you don’t end up with dry skin which can hasten wrinkle formation. Drinking enough water is a must for healthy skin. Can’t drink too much water? No, problem, lace it with lime juice for a spurt of Vitamin C, or go for coconut water, buttermilk or soup. Your skin needs hydration to keep its elasticity and prevent wrinkling.

Avoid excesses

Smoking and drinking are both bad for your skin.  Tobacco and alcohol are not only bad for your heart, they have a damaging effect on the skin too, making it dry and causing it to age prematurely. An excess of caffeine (in coffee) and spicy, oily and processed foods also harms your skin. Avoid them as far as possible.


Keep active

A sedentary lifestyle not only makes you fat, it has a disastrous effect on your skin giving you wrinkles prematurely. Keep active. Build in at least 30 minutes of vigorous physical activity in your daily routine. Try walking, cycling, jogging, gyming, whatever you prefer.

Beat Back stress

Stress is today almost synonymous with modern living.But it takes a toll on your skin. If you are constantly worried about something, itrobs your skin of its glow.  In the long run, it shows up in the form of wrinkles. Yoga and meditation are great stress busters to arrest skin ageing.

Boost skin collagen

Collagen is the protein in your skin that gives it strength and tightness. Its breakdown as you grow older leads to wrinkles. Boost the collagen in your skin, both externally (with collagen cream) and internally with your diet.  Green vegetables, egg white, beans and cheese are some collagen boosters. Also give yourself enough Vitamin C. Rich sources are lemon, orange and other citrus fruits.

Get enough sleep

Get your beauty sleep; it is essential to keep wrinkles at bay. At least 7 to 8 hours of good sleep every night is a must to rejuvenate your skin. Do not compromise on that if you want to ward off wrinkles. Also lack of sleep over long periods can add to stress and anxiety which are sure to show up as fine lines on your forehead; the only way to stop this is to get enough sleep.

Be gentle with your skin

Do not subject your skin to harsh chemicals or treatment. Never rub it hard with tissue, cotton or towel. Dab gently, whether you are cleaning or moisturizing. Never sleep with makeup on; clogged pores do not allow your skin to breathe. If your skin can’t breathe, it looks sallow and ages faster.


Follow a good skin care regime

A good skin care regime is important to delay ageing and appearance of wrinkles. Cleanse, exfoliate, message and moisturise your skin regularly. A moisturizer keeps the skin supple and well-nourished and in the long run helps delay wrinkles and fine lines. Always go to a reputed skin clinic to get any procedure done. See an expert if you have a problem.  There a number of skincare products in the market. Always use one that is recommended by experts.

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