20 lakh crore relief package in 2020- PM Modi address highlights today.

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New Delhi

4 months had passed ,42 lakh ppl have been infected and 1.75 lakh people died worldwide.India too lost their loved ones due to corona i offer my condolences to all those people who lost lives in india due to coronavirus.Allover world is under threat due to one virus ,we havent seen such danger before and it was unimaginable.

By keeping alert and facing such situation we have to move forward also,we have to keep our motivation strong.

we have to become self dependant India.when corina started India didnt had PPE kit and N95 masks today 2 lakh PPE kit and N95 mask are being made in India this happened because India converted this crisis into opportunity.

130 crore people should take oath of Self Dependant India he said.we will improve our supply chain and improve quality parameter in India.

I have seen kutch in situation which looked like it had come to an end and it was never thought that kutch would rise up again ,such is the power of self independent India.

Self independent India stands on 5 pillars which are Economy,Infrastructure,Our system,Our demography and lastly Demand and supply chain.

PM declared a relief package which will support Self Independent India which amounts to 20 lakh crore which is around 10 percent of jeevika.

20 lakh crore relief package in 2020 will give self Independent India a boost.land ,labour liquidity and laws are being emphasised on under this package. This package is also for that farmers,for medium class people,for msme ,for industries.

From tommorow finance minister will give in detail the relief package details.

People should start buying local and promote the too,we have to become local PM added.I am proud of our citizen i remember when i asked people to buy Khadi today because of that Khadi has reached too a good mark.

Corona will run long but we will have to move ahead to push our economy,so we have to wear mask .

Lockdown 4 information will be very new and information on lockdown 4 will be provided before 18th May.

Author: sarkarimirror