OIL adopts three orphaned Rhino calves in flood hit Kaziranga

Oil India Limited (OIL), India’s second largest National Exploration & Production Company, under its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, has adopted three orphaned Rhino calves which are being looked after by Wild Life Trust of India (WTI)’s, Centre for Wild Life Rehabilitation and Conservation located near Kaziranga in Panbari Borguri, Bokakhat, under Golaghat District in Assam. In the recent devastating floods in Assam, Kaziranga National Park has been severely affected and a lot of wild animals have lost their lives, while quite a few have been rescued by local people, NGOs and Forest officials.

A cheque of Rs. 3.00 Lakhs (Rupees Three Lakhs) only was ceremoniously handed by Mr Bhaskar Khaund, Executive Director (HR), OIL to Mr Vivek Menon, Executive Director & CEO, WTI, at OIL’ s Corporate Office in NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh as an initial amount to take care of immediate needs of the three Rhino calves. Subsequently, the Company will be releasing the financial assistance periodically.  A team from OIL’s Public Affairs Department based in OIL’s Field Headquarters in Duliajan, Assam visited Centre for Wild Life Rehabilitation and Conservation in Kaziranga on 8thAugust, 2016 to take a firsthand view of the Centre, the rescued Rhinos calves and had detailed discussion with the officials of WTI.

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Responding to a news report published in a local Assamese on 2nd August 2016 regarding need of willing benefactors to adopt 8 (eight) numbers of rhino calves orphaned due to the floods, OIL Management readily offered to adopt three Rhino calves, each around one month old, till the age of around three years after which they can be released from their captivity into the forest and monitored for a brief period as per norms. In the initial months, around Rs. 40,000.00 to Rs.50,000.00 (Rupees Forty to Rupees Fifty Thousand) only will be the monthly expenses of looking after one Rhino calf which essentially involves the cost of cost of milk (Lactogen).