5th Leadership Summit Held at Campion School,Bhopal,Dr. Leo Cornelio, …

5th Leadership Summit Held at Campion School,Bhopal,Dr. Leo Cornelio, Archbishop of Bhopal  inaugrates the summit
Young Student leaders of various missionary School Participated in the 5th Leadership summit ( Archdiocesan Schools Cabinet meeting)  held at Campion School Arera Colony Bhopal here today. Renowned trainer from Confluence New Delhi, Surya Narian Bahadur, addressed the students and principals of more than thirty  missionary schools.
The event was hosted by Campion School,  Arera colony, Bhopal. Fr Athanas thanked the principals for such encouraging participation and making the event a grand success.
Dr. Leo Cornelio, Archbishop of Bhopal inaugurated the  summit and highlighted  the importance of such events for the benefits of Students and teachers.
He added, “Each child has unique abilities, and parents and teachers often fail to recognize or notice these and celebrate their strengths. The fact is that many parents and educators lack critical knowledge of the human brain and the learning process. However deep research in the working of the brain shows that each student has the abilities in coordination to the concentrated working of a specific side of their brain. Various techniques can be successfully used to enable children to help with learning and recall of academic material.”
He also emphasized that  young minds should interact and develop as an holistic young citizen of our nation and   a student stepping out of a
missionary school should be sensed by the fragrance which he receives from the institutions.
Explaining the working of the brain, Surya Narian Bahadur, trainer touched upon the area of “thinking preferences” among students developed due to working combinations of four parts of the brain – left and right sides and the top and bottom of each side that develops specific learning skills amongst us all. Based on these, the trainer explained, “It is critical for us to understand the uniqueness of the child and using different techniques to address different types, we can help them achieve their full potential and further groom them for global fields.”
They identified that a “left top brain” person is seen to be logical, emotionless, rational, correct, exact, etc while a “left bottom brain” person
is methodological, time-conscious, meticulous, result-driven and habitual.A “right top brain” would be simultaneous, undisciplined, day-dreaming, flexible, unorthodox while a “right bottom brain” person would be sensitive, playful, people’s people, emphatic, cooperative, friendly. Human preferences come due to a combination of these portions of the human brain.
It was a learning interactive session for the young minds and rekindled their goals and enthusiasm to work for a better future and to be worthwhile citizens of the country. Wahajat, Srikant, Ashish and Uma from Ratna Sagar Pvt Ltd was also present on the occasion. Mayank Tiwari, School Captain of Campion School proposed the vote of thanks.