6 easy ways to stress reduction

By Editor-in-Chief

New Delhi

The continuos lockdown has taken us all by surprise as we were not used to it. Staying at home inside for so many days had never happened and so such dreadful virus like covid 19 never happened in global history.

Because of remaining inside our homes and following a schedule which we were not adapt too has brought certain tensions and stress in our mind ,as questions of uncertainty of this virus end looms our mind.

We are overthinking as to when this virus will be defeated and when a medication to combat this corona virus will step in and end this pandemic.

Overthinking and over emotional people develop stress due to unwanted questions which rise in our minds giving way to stress building.

So i would today like to share with you readers 6 easy ways to stress reduction.

1- listen to music

2.Do yoga or pranayam.

3.Dont see too much of news

4.Eat low carb food and less spicy food

5.Avoid sugar if you are 40year plus.

6.Wear cloth of colors which gives you happiness.