60 % sewerage charges to actual water consumption by Delhi Jal Board – Isn’t it exorbant.


New Delhi

Water is an important thing in life and we should always save it as it is a resource which may become scanty in times to come.

When we talk about water bills in Delhi the kejriwal government may be supplying water free to a certain limit but in a family of five people this limit may not be sufficient for most of the people if a survey was being done and there it is when you go beyond that limit the bill arises at your doorstep.

But the most surpiring fact about Delhi Jal board bill is that the bill seems inflated to consumers of Delhi jal board in delhi and people have complained also too often or made complaint of new metre installed being faulty.

But if you see the water bill properly one thing will strike you the most and that is the sewarage charges that account for 60 percent of your consumption according to bill parametres and it exceeds the bill seeming as a surprise to consumers as to why it is kept so much.The sewerage people are not so regular in cleaning this sewarage as it looks to normal people.

The Arvind Kejriwal government should see to this parametre as it may really help people who are shocked by inflated bills which were not there previously by keeping a sewerage charge which is genuine in look ,60 percent to me too seems a big percentage of consumption charges.

This article is not written to pin point anything wrong but as a point put forward as a suggestion which may improve billing structure of Delhi Jal Board.

Author: sarkarimirror