Actor, Producer Mukesh Rishi becomes Bhookha Haathi Health Warrior!

Actor, Producer Mukesh Rishi becomes Bhookha Haathi Health Warrior!

National, 2nd April 2022: Actor, producer Mukesh Rishi joins hands with Bangalore-based alternative foods and health-based nutraceutical-tech company Bhookha Haathi to endorse their range of 100% natural health-promoting products.

Mukesh Rishi is an Indian actor and film producer who works primarily in Hindi and Telugu films. He has done 180 films in 8 different languages. The 65-year-old actor got his first break in Hindi cinema in 1988 and has since, established himself as a leading character actor. He is a health and fitness enthusiast and has strong aversion towards tobacco and non-tobacco-based harmful chewables. In the past, he has been offered many brand endorsements for unhealthy chewable products 

but has always denied them as he doesn’t believe in promoting something that he, himself doesn’t consume.

According to Kusum Bhandari, Co-Founder – Bhookha Haathi“Currently, the main focus of our brand is our proprietary dry fruit & nut refresher which is World’s First Healthy Chew and a perfect replacement to tobacco and non-tobacco-based harmful chewables. It also works well as digestive and has many health benefits such as lowering cholesterol, anti-infective, anti-ageing etc. We found Mr. Mukesh Rishi to be the perfect fit as our brand promoter as he stands for the same values as our brand does.”

“With actor, producer Mukesh Rishi as Bhookha Haathi Health Warrior, the company aims to reach masses to create a much greater impact in society with its Rs.2 sachet. With this launch, Bhookha Haathi will be the first nutraceutical company to launch its product at this price point in the healthcare segment”, according to Abhimanyu Rishi, Co-Founder – Bhookha Haathi, “Bhookha Haathi believes that healthcare shouldn’t only be available to people who can afford it but should also be available to people who really need it.”

Other products from Bhookha Haathi stable include their proprietary caffeine-free chickpea filter coffee which is a healthy replacement to regular caffeinated coffee and a range of raw and wild honey.

 #No To Chewing Tobacco – Actor/Producer Shri. Mukesh Rishi joins hand with Bhookha Haathi to promote the brand and our range of 100% natural and organic products

Author: sarkarimirror