An exclusive interview of eminent personality Suchitra Krishnamoorthy with Tarun Sharma

“For me The Candlelight Company is a passion- i think its important to follow our passions through”-  says Eminent personality SUCHITRA KRISHNAMOORTHY in an Exclusive Interview with our Editor-in-Chief  Mr. Tarun Sharma
Editor : Please tell us something about The candle light company.

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Suchitra Krishnamoorthi: The Candlelight Company is my new venture or should i say adventure launched recently

 I have been in love with candlelight ever since I can remember. Being an artist keen to experiment with various art forms and materials I started playing with wax and making candles initially as a hobby. Purely for their aesthetic and spiritual appeal. For myself to light in my home every single day, and to gift to my friends and familyOver the years having also developed a keen interest in natural sciences as a holistic alternative to allopathic medicine to combat stress and the wear and tear of everyday life, I started to combine the many processes. Through experimentation and research. Candle making and aromatherapy.  Colourtherapy and Fengshui. Chakra healing and Mantra. In short Candle therapy :-). It was a fascinating journey that left me spellbound. Could my chronic insomnia have really been cured by breathing in the aromas of a root oil?  Did my girlfriend really find true love by lighting my rose candle in her southwest corner for seven days?  Had my daughters stuffy nose cleared by the candle I lit last night? Did my concentration candle actually help my niece top her exam like she swore?Hooked onto the miraculous healing properties of essential oils and their power to alter moods and emotions and promote well-being I headed to the Candle Academy and Molinard Perfumery in France and Plush Folly England to further my skills and knowledgeI believe that a candle is not just an object of beauty and light. It is also a tool of divination and well- being.And For me the Candlelight Company is not merely a business- its a creative venture. Besides the aromatherapy range we also have wax sculptures and other works of art. I display my paintings and mosaics as well at my Juhu Store

 Editor:How did the idea of creating unique candles came to your mind in other words what research made you to go ahead with this venture.
Suchitra Krishnamoorthy: I researched it intensely for two years before i came up with my formulations and products. The Candlellight company uses pure beeswax imported from Germany and therapeutic grade essential oils in its candles.
Editor: Please highlight two or three important products and the USP of your organisation how they can help the society.
In today’s fast paced world it is essential we find ways of combating stress and the wear and tear of everyday life in natural and holistic ways. what better way than to merely sit back and breathe the aromas of candles
INSOMNIA: Unable to fall asleep? Tired of popping pills? Try the Candlelight company’s all natural sedative- a warm spicy earthy aroma blend of Valerian (the most widely used natural sedative in the world)  lavender, and other sleep inducing, muscle relaxing essential oils. A good night’s rest is a just few deep breaths away.  Sweet dreams

Kick back sit back and enjoy some quiet time with the Candlelight company’s Relax candle-. A stress releasing blend of lavender patchouli rose and other essential oils to calm the mind and promote tranquility.  Quiet time never smelt so good

Editor:Please share some valuable experience of yours for our visitors and mankind at large.
Suchitra Krishnamoorthy: For me The Candlelight Company is a passion- i think its important to follow our passions through.
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