Another Hike in petrol and diesel prices by today midnight ,Petrol 0.70 paisa dearer and Diesel 0.50 paisa

New Delhi: Oil companies on Wednesday hike the price of petrol by 70 paise per litre while also hiking the price of diesel by 50 paise per litre exclusive of taxes and the new prices will come into effect from midnight tonight.

recently on July 15, oil companies had hiked the price of petrol by Rs 1.55 per litre.

Post the hike, price of petrol in Delhi will be Rs 71.28 per litre, Rs 78.64 in Kolkata, Rs 78.61 in Mumbai and Rs 74.49 in Chennai.

As for the diesel, it will cost Rs 51.40 in Delhi, Rs 55.74 in Kolkata, Rs 58.23 in Mumbai and Rs 54.76 in Chennai.