Arvind Kejriwal indefinite fast enters 9th day, AAP to submit 6.38 lakh letters by Delhiites on monday to CM Shiela Dikshit urging her to cut power tariff.

by editor-in-chief

New Delhi

AAP leader Arvind  Kejriwal entered his 9th day indefinite fast today against the inflated power bills in the capital.According to sources the party will be submitting 6.38 lakh letters by delhiites to CM Delhi Shiela Dikhsit urging her to cut power tariff on Monday.

It seems the political scenario in the capital has so worsened that Arvind Kejriwal indefinite fast is not catching that much attraction it should have got  .But assuming coming days are really going to be tough for the Delhi CM to control the situation which might arise due to Arvind Kejriwal  indefinite fast as more delhiites joining the cause.

Arvind Kejriwal blood pressure in the morning was 101/63, pulse 65 and sugar 121. He has lost 7 kg of weight since his fast began and his current weight is 58 kg according to sources of the party.

If Arvind Kejriwal stand taken is reviewed from a common man prospective he is on the right path ,now the time will decide what is going to happen in the upcoming Delhi assemble elections.But no doubts this important issue raised by kejriwal is definitely going to put a hole in the voters bank of congress  making victory for the current CM shiela Dikshit more tougher to win the next upcoming assembly elections in delhi.