Blast in Bangalore near BJP office 13 people and 8 policemen injured, police doesn’t rule out foul play

(staff reporter/Bangalore)

A blast triggered off near BJP office in bangalore.The blast which was considered due to cylinder was later ruled out by police and it was a motorcycle which explode leaving 13 people and 8 policemen injured who were taken to K C General Hospital.Bangalore Police Commissioner Raghavendra H Auradkar confirmed minutes after the explosion that blast occurred at around 10.30 am today.“Initially we were told it was a cylinder explosion, but it was a motorcycle blast. It was explosive plus incendiary blast,”  said police commissioner Bangalore.According to eye witnesses glass windows of nearby buildings were shattered.

There was a large crowd gathered today near BJP office as elections around and today being the last day of filing nomination.The entire area has been cordoned off and NIA team is expected to arrive anytime.