British PM pauses Brexit legislation until EU takes a call on withdrawal extension

British Prime Minister Boris
Johnson has put a pause on
the Brexit legislation in the
UK Parliament until the EU
reaches decision on a
withdrawal extension.

Johnson is preparing to push
for a general election if the
European Union (EU) offers a
three-month extension to the
October 31 Brexit deadline.

Boris Johnson won support
for his Brexit Bill 322 versus
299 on Tuesday, in the House
of Commons as Opposition
Labour MPs rebelled to back
it. But, he lost the crucially
linked motion that was
intended to speed up the bill’s
passage in time to meet the
month-end deadline This
marks the first time the UK
Parliament has expressed
approval for any kind of EU
withdrawal agreement, having
rejected former Prime
Minister Theresa May’s deal

Focus now shifts to the EU,
which is deliberating with the
countries of the economic
bloc on whether to offer
Britain yet another deadline

Diplomats from the 27 EU
member states are meeting
in Brussels to discuss an
extension, which could be
granted by the end of the
week. This extension will
allow the United Kingdom to
clarify its position and the
European Parliament to
exercise its role