Phnom Penh, May 8 : Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has said his personal website was hacked early Saturday.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page, the prime minister said the hackers had changed pictures and posted a Khmer-language audio message on the website: at 4.12 a.m. (local time), Xinhua news agency reported.

They also stole data in the website, Hun Sen said, adding the hacking caused disruption and harmed his reputation.

“This is a cybercrime that the perpetrators have openly committed on the official website of the prime minister of Cambodia,” Hun Sen said.

“The evidence shows that it is an undeniable act of the opposition group who always try to find dirt and dishonest ways to attack me.”

He said the perpetrators must take responsibility before national and international law regardless of their root.

According to the prime minister, the government’s experts on combating Information Technology (IT) Crimes were investigating into the source of the hackers in order to bring them for prosecution.

Author: sarkarimirror