Chandrayaan-2 successfully completes its final earth-bound orbit-raising manoeuvre

In yet another significant
development in its journey
towards the Moon, India’s
lunar probe Chandrayaan-2
has successfully completed
its fifth and final earth-bound
orbit-raising manoeuvre

The national space agency
ISRO has said in a tweet, the
operation began at 15:04
hours, by firing the engine
onboard the aircraft and went
on for 17 minutes and 21

The manoeuvre led the
spacecraft to reach an orbit
of substantial apogee, that is
the farthest point from the
Earth, at nearly one lakh-forty
three thousand kilometres.
ISRO said, all the spacecraft
parameters are normal

The next important move
would be to inject
Chandrayaan-2 in a trans
lunar path. It is scheduled to
be held early in the morning
on the 14th of this month.

The country’s second lunar
expedition to the Moon,
Chandrayaan-2 is expected to
reach an orbit around the
Moon on the 20th of this
month. It will have a touch
down on the lunar South Pole
on 7th September