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China puts up loudspeakers at Finger 4, play Punjabi songs for Indian troops!

New Delhi (India), September 16 (ANI): Chinese troops have set up loudspeakers that belt out Punjabi numbers at their forward posts! This comes in the wake of Indian troops setting up an around the clock observation at the dominating height near Finger 4, overlooking the positions of the Peoples Liberation Army.

According to sources the post at which the Chinese Army has put up

loudspeakers is under 24×7 constant watch by Indian soldiers and it is possible that the Chinese might be indulging in such drama to distract our troops or perhaps just relieve the pressure.

India and China had a recent incident near Finger 4 where more than 100 rounds were fired between the troops of the two sides on September 8.

Image & News Courtesy: (ANI)