Dalai Lama calls upon everyone to come up with coordinated global response to tackle Covid 19 pandemic.

The Dalai Lama has called everyone to come together in a “coordinated, global response to tackle the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic as members of one human family.

“In this time of crisis, we face threats to our health and sadness for the family and friends we have lost. Economic disruption is posing a major challenge to governments and undermining the ability of so many people to make a living,” the Nobel Peace Prize winner said in a post on his official website on Sunday.

The spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism said people must focus on what unites everyone as members of the human race during such a crisis and “need to reach out to each other with compassion”.

“As human beings, we are all the same. We experience the same fears, the same hopes, the same uncertainties, yet we are also united by a desire for happiness. Our human capacity to reason and to see things realistically and clearly give us the ability to transform hardship into opportunity,” the 14th Dalai Lama said.