Department of Trade and Taxes catches illegal consignment of 600 iPhones –

Sh. Sajjan Singh Yadav

  • The market value of the consignment is over Rs 2 crores


  • The consignment was being delivered by a renowned courier company


  • More than Rs 50 crores recovered so far from vehicles carrying undeclared goods in Delhi – Delhi VAT Commissioner.


New Delhi, 7th February, 2016


The department of Trade and Taxes on Saturday caught a huge consignment of iPhones brought to Delhi illegally without proper documents. The consignment comprises of 600 iPhones of both 5S and 6S models. The total value of the consignment is over Rs 2 crores.This was informed by Sh S. S. Yadav, Commissioner VAT. He stated that the consignment was being delivered by a renowned courier company. The catch has also led to busting of racquet of illegal import of high value electronic goods from other States in Delhi and their sale in Delhi without payment of the VAT. Strict action is being taken both against the dealer and the courier company involved, he added.


Sh. Sajjan Singh Yadav, Commissioner VAT said that the Department has stepped up the vigil at the entry points of Delhi to prevent entry of undeclared goods in Delhi. Automatic number plate reader cameras have also been deployed at the entry points to check vehicles bringing undeclared goods. The teams of the Department are also deployed round the clock at entry points and in prominent markets to catch such illegal consignments and track the tax evaders.


The teams of the Department are on an average detaining about 20 vehicles  carrying undeclared goods every day. Strict action is taken against such evaders including impounding of vehicle, recovery of tax, imposition of penalty on both the dealer and the transporter. The Department has recovered more than Rs 50 crores in the current financial year so far from such evaders.


In case of high value goods, specially electronic items, the tax evaders take advantage of differential tax rate in different States and with the help of e-commerce platforms buy such goods from States having low tax rates and deliver at the home of consumers in Delhi. To catch such evaders, the Department has recently prescribed online filing of returns by e-commerce platforms. Analysis of these returns has helped in catching many tax evaders.


Sh. Yadav further said that the department is making all possible efforts to facilitate trade, promote ease of doing business, help the honest dealers and create a level playing field in Delhi. The Department is taking strict action against the violators and no one evading tax shall be spared.  Cases under various provisions of the DVAT Act 2004 are also being registered against the evaders to prosecute them in the court of law.