Delhi Jal Board rebate scheme benefits approx. 1.25 lakh consumers ,rebate amount amounts to Rs.128 crores


Delhi Jal Board rebate scheme benefits approx. 1.25 lakh consumers ,rebate amount amounts to Rs.128 crores

  • The Rebate Scheme has benefited approximately 1.25 lac consumers thereby giving a total of 128 crores as the rebate amount
  • 97% consumer of E,F, G and H colonies avail the benefit of the Rebate Scheme
  • To benefit from the Rebate Scheme consumers should have a Functional Water Meter



Newly launched Rebate Scheme, till now, has benefitted approximately 1.25 lac distinct consumers. Total of 128 crores as the rebate amount has been remitted to them. Out of the above, 97% consumers belonged to the E, F, G and H category. To bring more and more people under its Water Billing ambit, DJB informs the consumers to immediately install the prescribed water meter and intimate concerned ZRO Office.

According to the Scheme 100 % Late Payment Surcharge (LPSC) waiver will be given to all domestic consumers.  Rebate in the principle amount will be on the basis of the category of colonies applicable for House Tax purposes in Municipal Corporation. E, F, G and H category areas will be completely exempted from paying the pending bills. Consumers residing in E, F, G and H colonies need not visit the ZRO office as their bills will be automatically waived off as long as they have a functional water meter. People residing in A and B will get 20% waiver and  C and D will get 50, 75 percent waiver in their Water Bill arrears respectively.  The consumers need to deposit only “TOTAL AMOUNT PAYBLE TO AVAIL ABOVE REBATE” at the nearest ZRO Office, online or cheque or through downloaded DJB’s m-Seva from their android mobile phones. People living in other categories will receive 50% exemption while A and B category areas will be given exemption up to 25% on the water bills. The Late Payment Surcharge (LPSC) will be totally waived in all the categories.

Domestic consumers having functional meters can avail the benefit of the scheme from 15.02.2016 to 31.07.2016. Even those consumers who don’t have meter installed can get the following 3 brands of Water meters of 15mm size with IP 68 compliance, Multijet, Inferential type, class `B` are approved by the Board:


S.No. Name of the water meter manufacturing company Water Meter Brand Name/Model No.
1 M/s Dasmesh Engineering works DASMESH/DMB
2 M/s Venus industries KONARAK/KONARAK
3 M/s Shrirang Sales Corporation Baylan/TK-23


The above meters are available for purchase by the public from any their authorized distributor, the list of which is available on DJB website i.e