Delhi Police has consistently been adopting new methodologies and technologies to enhance its service delivery capacity. Our endeavour has been to identify areas where newer means can help in reducing public inconvenience and consequent dissatisfaction with police functioning. Lodging of e-FIR for Motor Vehicle Thefts in Delhi is one such step.

First trial was started on 16th April 2015 to facilitated registration of FIR related to M.V. theft from the computers available at each police station. Investigation till submission of final form, including action by e-Courts was facilitated through Web. The District-wise details of launching the same are as under:-

District Date Cases District Date Cases
SOUTH 16.04.2015 1993 CENTRAL 23.04.2015 1152
EAST 21.04.2015 3447 WEST 26.04.2015 3768
N-EAST 21.04.2015 3166 S-WEST 26.04.2015 1357
S-EAST 22.04.2015 2330 N.DELHI 06.05.2015 137
N-WEST 23.04.2015 1740 IGI 06.05.2015 10
OUTER 23.04.2015 2577 RLY. & METRO 06.05.2015 30
NORTH 23.04.2015 947 TOTAL 22654

Second stage trial run for registration of e-FIR by public was started on 7th August 2015 to facilitated registration of M.V. theft case through Web from anywhere. So far 2844 FIRs have been registered online from public domain.

Today, we are launching mobile version of lodging of e-FIR in case of theft of vehicle in Delhi jurisdiction. This Mobile application will be available in Android, IOS and Windows version. On Android version will be available on Google Play Store within the next 24 hours and in IOS and Windows Stores in next 7-10 days.
The process of lodging MV theft e-FIR involves integration of National and Police databases. Delhi Police have pioneered in integrating Vahan database, Insurance database and; Stolen and Recovered vehicle database, use of Digital signature, use of OTP (One-time Password) for verification, creation of e-police station, generation of digitally signed e-FIR, provision of sending mass Email and SMS to all stakeholders, auto writing of first case diary, auto matching with recovered vehicle database, Untrace report in 21 Days etc, makes this project unique in itself.

Delhi Police mobile/web application by which the complainant can register an e-FIR and instantly receive a copy of the same without going to a Police Station. Immediately on registration of a case, investigation is undertaken electronically. This M.V. Theft e-FIR App have the following benefits:-

Hassle free and immediate registration of FIR, without visiting PS.
Immediate receipt of copy of FIR by email.
No chasing of IO to get ”Untraced Report”, expedite insurance claims.
Saves time of the complainants, IOs, SHOs, officers and the Courts.
Saving of paper due to electronic storage/transfer of records.
Automatic monitoring of cases.
Electronic matching with stolen and unclaimed vehicles from the centralized databases of server at Crime Branch.
Timely disposal of cases to reduce pendency at PSs and Courts.

This App will send a copy of digitally signed FIR via email to complainant, area SHO, designated Court and insurance company and has the feature of auto messaging to all concerned i.e. PCR, all SHOs of and Districts DCsP in Delhi, State Transport Authority, National Crime Record Bureau, State Crime Record Bureau and all SSsP in India for search of vehicle, etc. This system will generate “Untraced Report” digitally on 21st Day for acceptance by the concerned court.

FIR in e-Police Station

No. of Cases Total
Registered in e-Police Station 22654
Registered from public domain 2844
Final reports accepted by e-Court 15577

We have not come across any state police in INDIA or any other country police forces in the world have done similar kind of process. The successful implementation of this lengthy and cumbersome process has motivated us to initiate more such automated process. This transparent system has become the base and mother of future projects.

Author: sarkarimirror