Pagdi – An Ode to Womanhood
Pagdi is a symbol of honour, respect and responsibility in all the regions where it is a practice to wear them. From time immemorial it is the Men of the society who wear pagdis, which signifies their responsibility for the protection and welfare of the family.
PAGDI at India Runway Week by designer Varija Bajaj however is an ode to womanhood. Today, it is women who are actually responsible for laying a strong foundation not only for their family but society as a whole. The show is dedicated to these Women who are today the drivers of growth and future.
Designer Varija Bajaj shared “There were lot of apprehensions and concerns but I knew I had to do this. For once…it wasn’t about making others happy but my own self
Sanjana Kalra
(Sanjana Kalra)
Chesi Anne Basil, our star for the evening at India Runway Week was a 16 year old cancer patient whose only wish was to be a model and walk the ramp. Her motto is to celebrate life and be a role model for so many others who are fighting this deadly disease.”
Designer Varija Bajaj was approached by Make-A-Wish Foundation to fulfil her wish.
Varija Bajaj was elated and expressed “She isn’t a professional model nor had she faced a camera…but as they say when you manifest hard the world conspires to make it happen.I felt like a genie to make her wish come true, and those mother daughter smiles are to die for”
Event Pics below:
Sylvie with Meenakshi Dutt     Vinod Kaul, Jeetendra Dharewa, Tej Lamba, Deepak Bansal
1.Sylvie with Meenakshi Dutt  2.Vinod Kaul,Jeetendra Dharewa,Tej-Lamba & Deepak Bansal
Varija Bajaj with Kiran Kheva       Umesh Dutt,Kapil and Pamal Agarwal,Meenakshi Dutt
3.Varija Bajaj with Kiran kheva 4. Umesh Dutt,Kapil and Pamal Agarwal,Meenakshi Dutt

Author: sarkarimirror