DJB takes steps to ensure water distribution in water deficit areas like Dwarka, etc.


  • DJB takes steps to ensure water distribution in water deficit areas like Dwarka, etc.


Damage to the Carrier Lined Channel (CLC)  near Mundela village (Haryana) by the agitators led to a crisis of drinking water in Delhi .  Due to this damage the CLC is totally dry.  The work on restoration of this canal has already been taken up and it is likely to be completed within the next 15 days.  The DJB has released Rs. 1 crore to the Haryana Govt. for restoration of damaged portion of the Canal on an emergency basis.  In addition, 2 heavy earth movers were provided to Haryana Irrigation Department (HID) on 24.02.2016.  Senior officers of DJB have also  been deployed for monitoring of the work.

To cope with this crisis, DJB has made the following alternate arrangements:


  1. Since Dwarka WTP of 40 MGD capacity has been shut down due to non-availability of water in CLC, around 10 MGD of filtered water has been diverted from the Nangloi WTP.  The water to Dwarka Sub City and the adjoining unauthorized colonies is being supplied from command tank 2 & 4.
  2. The production at all WTPs except Dwarka has been maximized  and total production has gone upto 830 MGD which is likely to be further augmented upto 840 MGD.
  3. Water tankers have been diverted from Central North Delhi and East Delhi towards South West District to supplement drinking water.
  4. All the tubewells in the water deficit areas have been made functional and are being operated.
  5. 30 new water tankers have also been pushed into service.
  6. Strict monitoring is being done in the deficit areas by the senior officers constantly and complaints are being attended promptly on priority.
  7. All the Executive Engineers concerned in the water deficit areas have been given authority to engage more water tankers to meet the crisis for 15 days temporarily.

To ensure equitable distribution of water in quantum, the tentative schedule of pumping subject to availability of water at CT-2 Dwarka effective from 25.02.2016


1 CT – 2 7.00 AM  to 10.00 AM

(Alternate day)

Sector – 2, 5, 6, 10 & 11 Dwarka
2 CT – 1 9.00 AM  to 11.30 AM


Sector – 1, 7, 8 & 9 Dwarka
3 CT – 3 7.00 AM  to 10.00 AM

(Alternate day)

Sector – 3, 4, 12, 13 & 14 Dwarka


Madhu Vihar 5.00 AM  to 6.30 AM

(Alternate day)

Madhu Vihar, Chankya Place Part – II, Mahavir Enclave Part-II, III


Raja Puri 5.00 AM  to 6.30 AM

(Alternate day)

Raja Puri
5 CT – 4 10.00 PM  to 4.00 AM

(Alternate day)

Sector – 19, 19 B, 20, 23 & 23 B Dwark, Pochan Pur and Amberhi Village.