Eco-friendly bowls and cups using waste coconut shells by Maria Kuriakose founder of ‘Thenga’.

Eco-friendly bowls and cups using waste coconut shells!! Thenga, Thrissur, Kerala recycles discarded coconut shells into eco-friendly merchandise of each day use. The coconut shells are collected from mills that extract the oil from the experienced kernel. Sanding machines are used to smoothen the inner and outer parts of the coconut shell. They use coconut oil instead of varnish for the final coat of polish. They offer bowls in 4 sizes – from 150 ml to 900 ml. Apart from the bowls, they offer teacups, candles, cutlery and hanging planters. Millions of coconut shells are discarded every year and their efforts have converted thousands from going to the landfill. Great. congratulate Maria Kuriakose and wish her all success.