(by staff reporter)


The unfortunate female victim of acid attack from Shamli , Uttar Pradesh ,who was brought to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital on 02nd April, 2013 has been discharged from hospital today. Her total treatment has been borne by the hospital .

According to Dr D.S . Rana , Chairman , Board of Management , SGRH , “ We are very pleased that the efforts put in by our  doctors has not only brought her eyesight back  but more importantly her smile and confidence to go back to the society is also visible .”

Dr A.K.Grover , Chairman , Department of Opthalmology and Dr Mahesh Mangal , Chairman , Plastic Surgery and their team of doctors took care of the victim at the hospital. Dr Grover said , “ On this patient , we performed a unique procedure called Amniotic membrane transplantation  which fortunately has  helped to bring a substantial part of her  eyesight  . In this procedure an amniotic membrane was obtained from one of the  prospective donors undergoing caesarean section who did not have any communicable diseases . After cleaning this membrane with balanced salt solution containing a mix of antibiotics , the membrane was implanted in the victim’s eye . I am pleased with the results and hope further improvement in the coming days .”

The girl victim while leaving the hospital said , “ The society should change it’s attitude towards female . I pray to god that what happened to me , should not happen to anyone . When I came to this hospital , I was very scared and tensed that I may not be able to see whole of my life . It was all so dark . But now,  I don’t have words to thank the hospital and the doctors . It’s by their efforts that I am able to see and my confidence has returned . May god bless them .”

Talking about her plans for future , she said , “ I immediately will join my teaching job as soon as I reach my school. My students of class 6, 7 and 8th , whom I teach have been praying for my fast recovery and quick return. I want to meet them.”

Her elder sister Jahan Araa said , “ It will take my sister some time to gain confidence . But I am pleased to see her smile and talking . She was very tensed and scared when we came to Ganga Ram Hospital . The doctors of this hospital have been very helpful and caring.”

Dr Grover said , “At the time of admission she had severe acid burns on face , neck and chest. Besides this , her left eye was also involved with severe acid burns. The eye’s condition at presentation was desperate with nearly total loss of surface epithelium and loss of blood supply to nearly 8 clock hours (2/3rd of the area around the cornea) and severe haze of the cornea due to which vision was limited to hand movements close to face . There was an imminent risk of corneal melting and severe opacification and growth of vessels on cornea. This if not tackled properly , would have led to total loss of vision .

The case was discussed in Department of Opthalmology and it was decided to perform Amniotic membrane transplantation . It was done on 03rd of April 2013. After eight days of surgery , she has shown a remarkable recovery . The area of reduced blood supply has been restricted to 3 clock hours from 8 clock hours at the time of admission. Almost 3/4th of the surface has been covered by epithelium (surface lining ) and corneal haze has significantly improved .

This has resulted in the vision of counting fingers at more than 3 metres . This gives us a significant hope of saving vision and preventing serious disability . In the next few weeks their will be further improvement .”