Delhi Transport Minister Shri Gopal Rai on Monday announced new City Taxi Scheme, 2015. He said that Radio Taxi Scheme, 2006 and Economy Taxi Scheme, 2010 to be amalgamated in the new Taxi Scheme.  Black and Yellow Taxi will be retained as it is and also All India Tourist Permit Taxi.


  • Vehicles of capacity 600 CC onwards will be covered under City Taxi Scheme, 2015.
  • Individual and Group Category as well as the Aggregators.
  • In Group Category minimum fleet required is 200 and maximum number of 2500.  Aggregators will also be allowed.
  • LCD Display on top of the vehicles in Green and Red colour for availability and occupied category.  White colour taxi with provisions of advertisements on both sides.
  • Panic button and hooter mandatory.
  • Bill will be generated as per rates notified by Government.
  • Licence fee of Rs.5,000 for New Category and Rs.25,000 for Group Category.


  1. Transfer of permits from Economy Taxi Scheme 2010 to the New City Taxi Scheme, 2015.


  1. For smaller size taxi between 600 CC to 749 CC fare of Rs.10 per kilometer with minimum flag down rate of Rs.25 for first two kilometers.


  1. Launch of a rented Motorcycle Scheme.  Licenses will be issued for Motorcycles which can be hired for use by individuals and tourists.
  • These will be commercially registered and given contract carriage permit.  Licencees should have minimum of 5 Motorcycles with office space of 150 sq.ft.