Hong Kong police fire tear gas at ‘anti-triad’ rally

Hong Kong police fired tear
gas at protesters holding a
banned rally today against
suspected triad gangs who
beat up pro-democracy
demonstrators near the
Chinese border last weekend.

Riot police fired multiple
rounds of tear gas in Yuen
Long after tense standoffs
with protesters, some of
whom were throwing
projectiles and had
surrounded a police van.

Public anger has been raging
since last Sunday when a
gang of men in white t-shirts,
armed with poles and batons,
set upon anti-government
protesters and bystanders in
Yuen Long station, leaving at
least 45 people needing
hospital treatment.

The brazen assault was the
latest escalation in seven
weeks of unprecedented
political violence that shows
little sign of abating as the
city’s pro-Beijing leaders
refuse to budge