India gradually becoming export oriented defence industry: Army Chief

Army Chief General Bipin
Rawat has said that Indian
Army are apolitical in nature
and deeply committed to
ensure peace and stability in
the neighborhood. He said, it
is one of the leading armed
forces in the world, not just
by virtue of size but also
because of vast operational
experience and because of
its apolitical nature.

Addressing a function in New
Delhi, General Rawat said,
India is gradually becoming
an export oriented defence
industry. He said, the country
defence export which
currently range in the region
of just about 11 thousand
Crores annually is set
to grow to approximately 35
thousand crore rupees by the
year 2024. He said, the trial
and acquisition procedure are
among most rigorous in the
world and the product from
the Indian ecological system
is of the highest quality.