India will not allow its share of water to flow to Pakistan, says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra
Modi has said that India will
not allow its share of river
water to flow to Pakistan.
Addressing an election rally
at Charkhi Dadri in Haryana,
Mr Modi said, for 70 years,
the water which belongs to
India and the farmers of
Haryana flowed to Pakistan.
Prime Minister said, his
government will stop this
water from flowing to
Pakistan and bring to the
houses in Haryana.

Mr Modi said, during the past
five years, BJP government
development. Talking of the
role of villages in
development of the country,
the prime minister said the
villages have emerged as the
source of new energy and
social change. Mr Modi said
our villages, while
maintaining their culture and
tradition, are leading the
society towards new thinking
and new path.

Assembly elections in
Haryana will take place on
October 21 and the election
results will be declared on
October 24.