Italy can expect relief from 4th May in fatalities of Coronavirus says a study by Ajay Kapoor a research student of Astrology and an Architect by Profession.

By Ajay kapoor

New Delhi

(The author of this article is a Jyotish Acharya from Institute of Astrology,Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,New Delhi and Practising Architect by profession,views expressed are solely of the author).

Chart D1:- Mars is in very close degree conjunction with lagna. Mercury as lagna lord is present in lagna with beneficial planet Venus and un aspected by any malefic. Whereas 4th Lord and 5th Lord are conjunct in lagna which is very auspicious in respect for general happiness.Lagna, Sun, moon, Jupiter and Rahu all planets are falling in Mars nakshatras.

Mars is lord of 6th house and 11th house so functional and natural malefic.
Saturn as lord of 8th house and 9th house so kind of neutral for Italy horoscope.
Jupiter being lord of 7th house as well as 10th house and both are kendras, so kendrapati dosh makes Jupiter almost ineffective.

Chart D-1

Dasha:- Italy is presently running through Ketu Mahadasha and Antardasha of Rahu from 26.12.2019 to 12.01.2021, which is not considered as good period.

General observations:- 

1.  Conjunction  of Mars and Jupiter every 27 months.

2.  Conjunction of Mars and Saturn about every 24 months.

3.  Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn about every 20 years.

4.  Solar and lunar eclipse recur every 19 years at same Rashi/ Sign.

5.  When all above conjunction are on Rahu/ Ketu Axis it is more troublesome.

Celestial things happening in this period:

1.  Jupiter was combust from 16.12.2019 to 09.01.2020.

2.  Saturn was combust from 31.12.2019 to 30.01.2020.

3.  Mercury was combust from 22.12.2019 to 26.01.2020.

4.  Eclipse on 26.12.2019.

‘Saturn entered Sagittarius Sign ( 7th House for Italy horoscope) on 27.10.2017.Another malefic planet entered 7th house (Sagittarius sign) on 07.03.2019 and Saturn + Ketu comes in close degrees conjunction on 15.09.2019, so it must have started silently after 15 September’.

It was sparked after eclipse happened on 26.12.2019, in addition Jupiter was combust from 16.12.2019 to 09.01.2020, Mercury ( lagna lord ) was combust from 22.12.2019 to 26.01.2020 and Saturn was also combust on 31.12.2019 to 30.01.2020.

Because of all combustions/ Eclipse government of Italy was not able to understand gravity of situation and that’s why not able to take appropriate actions/ precautions as all policy maker planets were either combust or afflicted badly.

‘All these planets present in 7 th house and aspecting lagna created this panic conditions’.

Coronavirus cases started increasing when Mars entered Sagittarius on 08.02.2020 and conjuncted with Jupiter and malefic Ketu.

As per Mundane Astrology planet gives results:-

Ketu :- war , destruction, epidemic, deaths

 Mars :- violence, war, destruction, emergencies.

Jupiter:- if afflicted gives extravagances and exaggeration to problem.


Previously happened events in ITALY when Saturn Jupiter are conjunct and aspected by mars or mars is also conjunct with them.

1.  In November 1940 ,SATURN + JUPITER conjunct and aspected by MARS:- ITALY ENTERS WORLD WAR-II.

2.  In September 1960, SATURN + JUPITER conjunct and aspected by MARS:- RIGHTIST RIOTS STARTED IN ITALY.

3.  In June 1960, SATURN + JUPITER +MARS conjunct, Ustica massacre (81 killed)+ Bologna bombing by terrorists (85 killed), Irpinia earthquake – south Italy (2483 killed).

4.  In April 2000. SATURN +JUPITER + MARS , ITALY takes part in Kosovo war and Afghanistan war.

Relief in current situations:-

1.  It will start improving when Mars crosses degrees of Saturn as both are in Capricorn, this will be after 01.04.2020.

2.  Jupiter in Debilitation sign Capricorn will stop doing exaggerations to decrease number of deaths tolls after 01.04.2020.

3.  It will start improving significantly after Sun reaches its exaltation sign , Aries on 14.04.2020.

4.  Position of patients will start improving very soon when Mars leaves Capricorn and reaches Aquarius on 04.05.2020.5.  After September 23, 2020 as Ketu will leave Sagittarius to enter scorpio..

So big relief can be expected after 4 May but fatalities will start coming down from 1 April and then after 14 April infected patients will start recovering faster, after 23.09.2020 this disease will be eliminated completely as 7th house affliction of ITALY horoscope will be completely gone.

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