It’s not necessary you earn money by enterprenuership its sometimes what your mind desires and challenges you to do something big.


New Delhi

It’s not necessary you earn money by enterprenuership its sometimes what your mind desires.

When i started writing this,one thing came to my mind was why i am putting this down.But then some experiences may go long way for others.

I grew up in a  middle class family with father just a lone earner and saw life from a very close perspective which a billionaire child can’t see may be people would be aggreeing who had gone through these turmoils in early life.

Father suffered a stroke and the dream to study further got a halt  i was a literature student and wanted to continue further by doing MA english but time nobody knows changes your tracks of life like of a rail engine ,i was diverted by conditions to pursue marketing as that was a stream in which in short time i could get a job early and start supporting the family.

Completed this marketing course along with job and changes in jobs happened from consumer durable 4 years to Media that too direct space selling with Tata Group and them life kept gearing change in media industry hopping from one organisation to other core organisations as i always had a zeal to learn more and stagnancy was a killer for me.

Till one fine odd day i was just told to put in my papers and at a career stage where you might be at peak or somewhere near a the peak a fall will just leave you traumatised ,like a person gone to coma and that too when an organisation like India Today group tells you to leave,i was with Mail Today at that time.

I couldn’t understand what happened in my life. With a family i was like from a decent package to zero.

I analysed that it was not luck or something but time which has changed and surely it will revert back good again but this time i thought why not work this time for myself and floated this news portal with a zero know how of designing a portal,hosting,backlinks,,social media etc but i took this as a challenge and learnt it through net,youtube lessons by some people and made this portal in 2012 ,time has passed it has been 7 years with this now ,may be i still managed to earn my bread and butter with these frankly speaking not much luxuries but somewhere i still have that fire that one day i will outshine some of the big names in online media and this story of mine published today by me will become a testimony to people who have the fire to do something big in life and not just want to be a person who want to live a life not being recognised for a valuable life god has given us.

Thank you all for giving your precious time in reading this.