Lighting candle,diya,torch today at 9 pm for 9 minutes has certain perspectives says a study by astrology reasearch student.

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By Anand dev sheorann

New Delhi

(the author of the article is a jyotish acharya from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,New Delhi)

Our Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi on Friday 3rd April 2020 appealed to all Indians to switch off the artificial lights and to light earthen lamps or candles at 9.00 pm on Sunday 5th April 2020 for 9 minutes to show the solidarity and unity against the COVID19. While most of Indians believe in his leadership undoubtedly, there are few people who raise questions on this unique way of dealing with the pandemic. When, for many it may seem to be an odd act, the learned can understand the scientific approach easily.

Charts used for study:

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To understand why our prime minister chose 5th April 2020, 9.00pm and 9 minutes, let us analyze the figures through three dimensional framework of:

  • Spiritual perspective
  • Numerological perspective
  • Astrological perspective

Spiritual perspective:

On Sunday 5th April 2020, there is Triyodashi ravi pradosh, a ritual to celebrate and worship Lord Shiva to signify the destruction of demons and victory of light over darkness for good health. Sunday and the hora of sun at 9.00 pm signifies the deity surya dev (Sun) who is considered as Lord of strength and immunity against diseases. Lighting lamps or candles will enhance the effect of sun and thus increase our immunity.

Numerological perspective:

The number 9 in numerology denotes Mars which is also denoted by fire and heat (lamp or candle) signifies a fighter, soldier, sportsman like spirit, bone marrow which strengthens immune system to fight with viruses and bacteria. Mars helps the body’s defense mechanisms, good organizing skills and administration, strong will power and determination, cannot sit and rest until get success in desired goals.

Mars also denotes the deity Hanuman, who brought `sanjeevini’ the cure for every ailment.
Number nine as an expression: wellbeing of the society, humanitarian, sacrifice for the good of the society, the purpose is to make a better world, sensitivity to the need of the social group, urge to serve humanity, compassion, tolerance and generosity. Number nine encourages the best in the people and suggests that you have reached the point at which a breakthrough can occur.

The word “love” and “light” have the number 9 as expression and desire number respectively.
In numerology the number 9 is much more powerful than number 7 and it is also repulsive to number 7. The number 7 in numerology denotes ketu, which signifies viruses and pandemic. Strengthening number 9, hence will dominate ketu and will help to control the virus as number 9 can make number 7( ketu) surrender.

Astrological perspective:

On Sunday 5th April 2020, the moon will enter into Leo, the sign of sun. In the Chandra lagan, mars is yogkarak planet and it is exalted in 6th house along with Jupiter and Saturn in its own house.

Exalted yogkarak Mars in 6th house signifies win against enemies with full destruction of them even against all odds. This combination in 6th house is favorable to fight diseases, overcome enemies and to extend healing hand to community.

Also Venus the lord of 10th house is in 10th house itself suggesting that government, bureaucracy and senior authorities will take right decisions to curb and control the spread of the virus and they will take the steps and actions which will be favorable for the prosperity and general happiness of the public.
Lighting candles (fire and heat) will give energy to mars and bright white flashlight from mobiles will brighten Venus.

At 9.00 pm the lagan rising is of Libra whose lord Venus is in 8th house, in its own sign shows long life for the public and 7th lord Mars exalted in 4th house shows that masses or general public will feel courageous and will be more than happy to work from home or in other words we can say that giving energy to Mars by lighting candles or lamps ( heat and light with fire) will make people happy and courageous from their respective homes and hence will accept the isolation at their homes in a more positive and enthusiastic manner. Also Sun being the lord of 11th house posited in 6th house signifies that the immunity and strength of people will gain power and hence will make people fight with the enemy (virus) with vigor.

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Author: sarkarimirror