Lockdown extended till 3rd May,conveys Prime Minister.

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Prime Minister today extended lockdown till 3rd May 2020 to tackle spread of coronavirus and stop fatalities.

He added Hot spots will be identified and more alertness will be followed,places which can be hotspot prone will be under watch and will be carefully monitired.So next one week strictness regarding corona spread will be activated more.

Every state monitoring of corona will be examined regularly said Prime Minister. Lockdown guidelines will be issued tommorow wherever the lockdown relaxation will be observed continued Prime Minister for lightning the burden on poor class.

Government will find way to ease stress for farmer too as rabi crop cutting time is there.

India has one lakh beds and 600 dedicated hospitals to Covid 19 he informed.

PM requested youth to come forward and to come up with some vaccination development for Covid 19 and he asked for support of the nationals to take care of elders and take extra care of those elders who have previous ailments.He also requested to download Arogya app,boost immunity,help needy and take warm liquids.

Prime Minister ended his speech with wishing everybody good health.

Author: sarkarimirror