Malhar Fest at St. Xavier’s College Inspires Youth and Supports Social Initiatives #YouGrowGirl

Malhar Fest at St. Xavier’s College Inspires Youth and Supports Social Initiatives #YouGrowGirl

Mumbai, India – July 7, 2023 – The renowned Malhar Fest at St. Xavier’s College once again proved to be a source of inspiration for the city’s youth, showcasing exceptional talent and promoting social initiatives. The highly anticipated theme for this year is, ‘MALHAR 2023: EYE OF THE STORM’ This year, the fest spotlighted Project Naveli, led by Navya Nanda, in collaboration with Yuvaa a youth-led initiative dedicated to women empowerment and addressing pressing social issues.

During the event on June 28, 2023, Navya Nanda, the driving force behind Project Naveli, delivered a powerful speech. She emphasized the importance of growth and employment opportunities for women and shared her own experiences. Navya also highlighted the significance of the #YouGrowGirl fellowship,
which selected ten students with unique ideas to support their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Addressing the theme of street harassment, Navya Nanda shed light on its various forms, including staring, groping, whistling, and catcalling. She provided practical advice using the “D-Delegate, Distract, Document, Delay, Direct” approach to counter such incidents and create safer public spaces.

As an entrepreneur herself, Navya encouraged aspiring business owners to overcome shyness and take the first step. She shared her journey of building confidence and emphasized the importance of staying positive and confident in pursuing their goals.

Navya Nanda’s speech resonated deeply with the audience, inspiring them to accept failure as part of the learning process and to persist in their endeavors.

Malhar Fest at St. Xavier’s College continues to play a vital role in raising awareness and empowering thecity’s youth.

By providing a platform for Project Naveli, the fest reinforces its commitment to social impact and inspiring positive change. Don’t forget to mark the dates in your calendars, Malhar 2023 the annual inter-collegiate Fest of St. Xavier’s College is on the 13th. 14th and 15th of August this year.

Author: sarkarimirror