Suchitra Krishnamoorthi Excl. Interview with Tarun Sharma

New Delhi,December 5,2018
Exclusive interview of Suchitra Krishnamoorthi,Eminent Bollywood Celebrity,Singer with Editor-in-Chief Tarun Sharma  
T.S: please tell us something on how is life after your last movie on big screen.
S.K: Thats a very strange question. Movie is one of the many things I have done in my life and i have enjoyed everything I have done equally. I  am constantly disapointed by how Bollywood enamored our media and public  is to the extent of ignoring other arts and professions
T.S: Parenting is something which you can define much better,whats your views on this.
S.K: Motherhood is something that only those who have experienced can understand. Otherwise its like explaining colour to the blind. Only those who have experienced motherhood can ever understand The all consuming intensity of it vulnerability and yet power of the experience.
T.S: How has your daughter changed your life on a whole.
K.S My daughter has been the focus of my existence since she was born. She is now 17 and ready to fly the nest- ie she’s busy with her college applications to go study music abroad next year in August. My mamma job is done and now I am back to focusing on my own life
T.S :Movies,Author,Aromatic Candlemaking and now a music album,Whats that make you multi-talented.
K.S : I am grateful to God for my many talent’s. Most people struggle with finding that one thing to do. I enjoy doing all the things i do be it singing acting writing painting candle making etc. My creative energy is very high I need to be doing something or the other all the time. And i do it for pleasure
T.S: Your music album launched,please tell about that.

K.S : My new music release after 18 years! The last time I was promoting a single I was pregnant with my daughter Kaveri!!! Her little teenage friends seem surprised to discover that I sing & I have to remind them that its where she got her talent from after all 🙂

The long gap is not only because I was playing mom which I was doing rather ardently and I have loved every minute of it

But the long gap & my staying away from music (though i expressed myself through other creative avenues like painting and writing) is because I had lost my voice and my confidence completely over the last many years. I never thought I would be able to sing again.

It was a psychological block – an emotional voice paralysis.
Technically/medically my vocal chords were intact but yet I could not sing, When people would ask me to sing I would get severe anxiety like there was a noose around my neck and gradually started avoiding putting myself in such situations completely. Even at family functions where singing songs was a staple part of our lives I used to refuse. Nobody not even me could figure out why

Then three years ago I met my wonderful Guruji Ravi Juleji who coaxed and cajoled my voice back into shape with a lot of love and patience.I remember once at riyaaz he told me very sweetly “I am going to make you Suchitra Krishnamoorthi again. You have forgotten who you are but we lovers of music still remember your voice . Memories of that day still bring a lump in my throat.

My first attempt at singing was in my musical play Drama Queen that opened two years ago. There i wrote the music and lyrics and kept it so simple that I felt confident that I woud sing it even on a bad day with a hoarse throat. It was a big confidence booster and paved the way

My single Sawan Barse happened quite by chance. I was attending a private film screening of a film and a day later one of the music directors of the film Surya Vishwakarma started sending me direct messages on facebook saying he was a fan of my voice & its his dream to record a song with me. Though rather flattered I ignored him for weeks but then when he was persistent, I put my fear aside and said why not lets do it. We recorded the song in a few hours & i played it to some of my friends from the music business to get a feedback on how my
voice was sounding after so many years. Atul Churamani whos musical acumen i trust completely and has always been urging me to return to music over the years liked it & insisted I make a

So i then asked the super talented young director Karan L Butani to come on board and he conceptualized and directed a beautiful video for me.

The concept of the video is “return to innocence* It is about
reclaiming your essence, reclaiming the purity of childhood ,
reclaiming the love we owe ourselves.

I am excited for this release and already recording a few more songs with some very talented musicians. The music business is very different from when i left it but is more vibrant more flexible and much more fun. Everything is good & its getting better . Tra la la la la 🙂

PS – I will continue to do all the things I enjoy doing so please dont ask me ” SO no more painting? No more soap and candle making? No more acting? 🙂🙂🙂 I intend to do it all 😋😋

T.S: What is music to you,does as it is said really connect you to god,pls share your experience.
K.S: Like they say God loves all his children. But those he loves more he gives them a voice
T.S :How has the so called glam industry of bollywood towards you in so many years,hows the prospective -supportive or negativity.
K.S :People have been very kind to me. Bollywood is a very positive place
T.S :Whats the most you liked about your recent launch ,what is your expectations from your old or new fans which will become after listening to your album.
K.S :I am overwhelmed by the response. Especially on you tube and other social media to me. I had completely forgotten the love of my fans. I am happy to be reminded of it and want more and more
T.S :A brief motivational message to womanhood at large.
K.S :Do your own thing, and value yourself please. Dont ever make yourself small to feed any one elses insecurity.

Author: sarkarimirror