Metropolis Healthcare’s Comprehensive Study Reveals Key Insights in Prenatal Testing to detect Genuine High-risk Pregnancies

Metropolis Healthcare’s Comprehensive Study Reveals Key Insights in Prenatal Testing to detect Genuine High-risk Pregnancies

National, 1st June 2024: In its ongoing commitment to raise awareness about women’s and child health issues, Metropolis Healthcare Limited, India’s leading diagnostic service provider, is dedicated to empowering expecting couples with essential knowledge and awareness regarding their baby’s health. Over a comprehensive three-year study (January 2021 to December 2023) involving 140,528 pregnant women, Metropolis released pivotal findings in prenatal care through Pregascreen Reflex Testing in conjunction with Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) or Karyotyping. This study aimed to assess the impact of Reflex Testing for detecting fetal abnormalities.

The study revealed that:
• Out of 140,528 pregnancies, 5,879 were initially identified as high-risk through traditional early trimester screenings.
• However, by integrating NIPT with the Pregascreen reflex testing, the results showed higher accuracy in the identification of true high-risk cases.
• In the first trimester, dual marker testing initially indicated 2,416 cases as high-risk. On NIPT reflex testing, only 64 of these remained classified as high-risk, thereby accurately identifying 1,142 cases as low risk.
• Similarly, in the second trimester, among 3,463 cases flagged by the Quadruple marker, NIPT correctly reassigned 455 cases as low risk, with only 20 still considered high-risk.

These findings highlight the significant impact of NIPT and Pregascreen reflex testing in improving the precision of prenatal screening. By reducing false positives and accurately identifying genuine high-risk pregnancies, this integrated approach allows for more focused and effective prenatal care, ultimately improving maternal and fetal health outcomes.

Mr. Surendran Chemmenkotil, Chief Executive Officer, Metropolis Healthcare Limited said: “At Metropolis, our commitment to healthcare extends beyond diagnostics. Our pioneering Reflex Testing, developed several years ago, delivers comprehensive and conclusive diagnoses, saving time and reducing the additional cost burden for patients. We are dedicated to advancing maternal health testing through innovative diagnostic tools and advanced screening technologies. Our vision is to establish Metropolis as a center of excellence in Women and Child healthcare, empowering patients and healthcare providers with essential knowledge for informed decisions and fostering awareness through extensive research studies.”

Commenting on the findings, Dr. Kirti Chadha, Chief Scientific and Innovation Officer, Metropolis Healthcare Limited said: “The Pregascreen Reflex Test is a cost-effective scientific methodology that significantly outperforms traditional screening methods. It’s not only non-invasive and quick but also minimizes the risk of miscarriage. It allows for the early detection of chromosomal abnormalities, which can significantly alleviate potential psychological trauma for expectant parents. and proves to be highly accurate in detecting fetal chromosomal abnormalities early in pregnancy. This substantially reduces the emotional and psychological strain on expectant mothers and their families.”

Overall, Pregascreen reflex testing with NIPT offers several advantages. It enhances diagnostic accuracy, is non-invasive, and thus, eliminates the risks associated with invasive procedures. It increases the accessibility of advanced prenatal diagnostics to a broader range of expectant couples. Looking forward, Metropolis Healthcare is committed to expanding its services and integrating the latest technologies to reduce the burden of maternal health and improve access to innovative healthcare solutions. The evolution of reflex testing model showcases its dedication to excellence and innovation in healthcare, promising a healthier future for mothers and their babies.

About Metropolis Healthcare Limited:
Established in 1981, Metropolis Healthcare Limited is a leading diagnostics company in India with a widespread presence in more than 20 states & 220 cities. Internationally, the company has presence in South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Metropolis touches millions of lives each year by providing actionable health insights to patients and doctors. Metropolis offers a comprehensive range of 4,000 plus tests and profiles that include advanced tests in diagnosis of cancer, neurological disorders, infectious diseases, and an array of genetic abnormalities. The company is empowered with a robust network of over 200 labs, 4100 collection centres and 12,000+ touch points. Metropolis’ commitment to quality and accuracy in each test is reinforced by its consistent CAP proficiency score of more than 98% over the past decade, which places it amongst the top 1% laboratories worldwide for quality assurance. Metropolis philosophy rests on the pillars of technological superiority, a warm patient centric approach and reliable diagnostic reports.

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