Mexico deports 311 Indians trying to sneak into US

Mexico has deported 311
illegal migrants from India,
trying to sneak into US. This
is the first such action taken
by Mexico since it enhanced
efforts to crack down on
people using its territory to
sneak into the US. National
Institute of Migration of
Mexico (INM) said that the
Indians 310 men and onewoman of different ages left for New Delhi on a chartered
flight from Toluca
international airport The
flight is expected to arrive in
New Delhi today.

INM said, the Indian nationals
do not have documents to
stay in Mexico, and their
deportation was arranged
after their identities were
verified by Indian authorities.
The Indian nationals were
detained by immigration
authorities in the Mexican
states of Oaxaca, Baja
California, Veracruz, Chiapas,
Sonora, Mexico City, Durango
and Tabasco. They were
taken to the Acayucan
migration station in Veracruz
to verify their identities
before being put on
the chartered flight.

In May, US President Donald
Trump threatened to slap
tariffs on all Mexican imports
to pressure the country to do
more to crack down on illegal
migrants trying to cross the
border. Trump also said the
tariffs will increase until the
entry of illegal migrants
stopped but the two
countries subsequently
agreed on a 90-day window
for Mexico to crack down on