If middle class can give away gas subsidy why Government influentials can’t shed their subsidised and premium services??


New Delhi

In India who mostly suffer are the middle class.I myself am from middle class family and experienced what life brings with it.My father was a lone earner and apart from food and clothing we couldn’t think of other luxuries.

Middle class has always been left out from government schemes as they dont fall in that band and are devoid of reservations be it admissions in school for childrens,housing etc and other schemes,rich people don’t need these schemes as they are well sufficient.

The gas subsidy was one thing which government had offered to middle class and that too on the verge of being vanishing as our honorable PM wants the people of middle class to give it away voluntarily.

But just a thought not i want to complaint or something,the so called influential and powerful in Government , why they can’t leave their canteen subsidy,the people they get to service them like drivers ,luxury cars,free air flights,flats etc. for Indian economy as they are well placed and economically sound and subsidy is what basically which is for people who can’t afford the exumberant cost .

If this article of mine is reaching to the concerned than i think i as a middle class common man i have brought forward a feeling which i may be right or wrong every middle class person might have felt at some time, As freedom of expression i have as a citizen of India these are solely my thoughts and not written in a manner to entice somebody but just to bring to mind of people who can change this scenario and may be act on this in coming times.