Millions of Pilgrims take plunge in the Holy Ganges marking the onset of Mahakumbh 2013 in Allahabad.


By staff Reporter


Pilgrims thronge to Allahabad to take a plunge in the Holy Ganges river with a belief that the dip washes away all the sins.The Mahakumbh which happens once every 12 years started today with millions of pilgrims taking the holy dip.The Mahakumbh in itself signifies the great mela and is believed that the gathering in this greatest religious mela in terms of pilgrims is the world’s largest.It is called Mahakumbh because once every 12 years pilgrims reach Allahabad to take the holy plunge as ¬†Ganga and yamuna meet the third divine river at this point.

More than 1.4 millions pilgrims had already gathered to take the holy plunge according to sources today and the number is going to increase in the next few days.