“MOON”-The Glitter In Night Sky (Part-1 : Eclipsed Moon) by Ms. Manu Sisodia

By Ms. Manu Sisodia (the views expressed are of the author only,manu is a jyotish acharya degree holder from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,New Delhi)

New Delhi

While gazing at the sky, Moon captures our attention, looking surreal in the dark sky in its different phases every night, calming our soul. Just as it is significant in the open sky, spilling the tranquility all around, moon plays a significant role in the field of Astrology while predicting fate. Importance of Moon in Astrology underlies in the fact that analysis of the horoscope by keeping Moon as ascendant in making predictions is commonly used practice and is known as ‘Chandra Lagna’.

Moon is a beautiful body in our Solar System. Moon is a luminary planet which denotes beauty, shine, feminine etc. Phases and varying sizes of Moon has a significant influence on religious belief, cultures and mythology particularly waning and waxing of Moon which is regarded as the basis of calculating the lunar cycle and division of lunar month into ‘Shukla paksha’ and ‘Krishna paksha’ (Bright half and Dark half respectively).

In Vedic Astrology, Moon is considered as the ‘Queen of the Solar System’. It is the second important planet in Astrology, first being the Sun. Moon sign is Cancer which is a watery sign. Moon is the fastest moving planet in the solar system and takes 2.5 days to travel through one sign. Its proximity to the Earth signifies in its astrological relevance and hence plays an important role in predictions by the astrologers.

Moon represents mind and its strength, emotions, feelings, intuition, mother (it nurtures life), conception, infants, lover etc. This is the reason that most of the poets have often used Moon in their poetries, songs to signify beauty, love and romance. Moon also represents pearl, silver in metals, white color, travel, will power and water.

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Moon, when strong in a horoscope, gives strength to the emotions and feelings and generally it is observed that the native is very strong to handle any ups or downs and always showcases a balanced behavior in any situations. It is responsible to give a strong psychological balance in life.

But do you know the consequences of a weak Moon in the horoscope?

A weak Moon in horoscope- Emotional instability, mental distress, introvert, anxious, restless, under un-necessary dilemma, differences with mother, wrong deeds, differences with spouse, addiction, not of good fortune, prone to disease, unhappy in life, challenging life and prone to cry. Weak moon can also cause health issue related to reproduction, lungs, breast, chest, cold and cough.

When Moon is Weak in Horoscope?

• Moon placed in debilitation sign
• Moon placed on Rahu-Ketu axis
• Moon conjoin or aspect with Saturn
• Waning Moon
• Weak in directional strength
• Moon in 6th, 8th or 12th house

Exalted/Benefic Moon

When Moon is in Taurus sign (2), till 3 degrees it is said to be exalted. This is the most powerful position of the Moon in horoscope. Exalted Moon signifies a balanced, creative and imaginative mind. If the Cancer sign occupies the 9th house in the horoscope and exalted in 7th house in Taurus in kendra, this is the best and considered the most benefic position of the Moon.

Debilitated/Weak Moon

Moon is debilitated in Scorpio till 3 degrees. Moon is not considered good in this position and is known as weak Moon. Debilitated Moon fails to deliver good results even if it is placed in benefic houses. Debilitated Moon brings about emotional breakdown, dis-satisfaction, misfortune, loss of accumulated wealth, inclination to malefic deeds, obstacles to success etc.

Moon on Rahu-Ketu Axis

Placement of Moon on Rahu-Ketu axis is considered as the worst position of Moon. Points of intersection of the orbits of Moon and the Earth are the nodes which are known as Rahu and Ketu. These are not actual planets but are called the ‘Shadowy Planets’. According to Vedic Astrology, they form two specific areas of electromagnetic disturbances, directly opposite to each other in the horoscope. When Rahu-Ketu conjunct or placed with the Sun or Moon in the chart, that chart has a ‘Grahan or Eclipse Yog’. This yog reduces the strength of horoscope. Rahu-Ketu axis is also known as ‘Karmic Axis’. This is so because placement of this axis in the horoscope is decided by the ‘karma’ of past life.

Conjunction of Moon-Ketu in same house or aspect each other forms ‘Purna Chandra Grahan Dosh’.

Conjunction of Moon-Rahu in same house or aspect each other forms ‘Partial Chandra Grahan Dosh’.

When Rahu-Ketu are in Nakshatra of Sun or Moon or vice-versa, it affects the good result.

Few Common Effects of Grahan Yog

• Not getting satisfactory results after all efforts
• Lack of growth in career
• Lack of happiness at home/workplace
• Feeling of depression and frustration
• Problem in progeny and child health issue
• Effects health of mother or relation with mother
• Imbalance in emotions
Grahan Yog in Different Houses of Horoscope
• 1st House- Instability of thoughts, Aggression, harsh language etc
• 2nd House- Face financial issues(heavy loss during dasha), strained relations with in-laws
• 3rd House- Lack of support of relatives, sacrifices and struggles
• 4th House- Lack of happiness and bad relations with mother/ill health of mother, stress to mother, frustration
• 5th House- Problems in studies and progeny, stress due to children
• 6th House- Problems due to enemy, chronic diseases, happiness affected due to illness
• 7th House- Misunderstanding with spouse or business partner
• 8th House- Effects ‘Ayu’- life span, chronic health issues, financial loss, suicidal tendency, hidden bad deeds
• 9th House- Loss of power, fortune and finance
• 10th House- Lack of parental support, instable career
• 11th House- lack of satisfaction from career, frequent changes possible
• 12th House- Loss of money, addiction, debts
Moon with Saturn
Conjunction of Moon or Saturn, aspect of Saturn over Moon, exchange of signs of Moon and Saturn or exchange of the Nakshatras of Moon and Saturn whereby both are looking at each other or are contrary to each other- all these combinations form the ‘Vish Yog’. When this yog is formed in the 7th house then it is also known as ‘Punarpoo Dosha’.

Effects of Vish Yog in different Houses

• 1st House- Gives ill health, family tension, lack of will power, introvert
• 2nd House- Problem in inheriting property, constrained relations with own family and in-laws, unstable financial status, obstacles in job or business
• 3rd House- Strained relations with siblings, relatives and neighbors
• 4th House- Lack of happiness at home, differences with mother and give stress to mother
• 5th House- Problems in progeny, education and love affairs
• 6th House- Problems due to debts, enemies and litigation, struggle in job
• 7th House- Delayed marriage, disturbed marital life, problems in partnership leading to losses
• 8th House- Chronic health issues, accidents, overall lack of growth
• 9th House- Lack of fortune, non-spiritual
• 10th House- Problem in career or profession, lack of respect at workplace
• 11th House- Inspite of efforts in all fields, results or rewards are below expectations, relationship with relatives, life partner, friends, workplace are not conducive
• 12th House- Losses in finance, court cases, unexpected expenditure in hospitals or ill health

Though Moon is considered tender and soft planet and significator of love and harmony, but it is quiet evident from the above facts that its association with the malefics like Rahu-Ketu or Saturn can drastically curtail its benefic values and behave in a very unlike manner to its natural loving nature. “This is the Harsh Fact”

Continuing with this series on Astrological Significance of Moon, I would be covering the benefic aspects of Moon in the Part-2.

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