MPs debate PM Johnson’s Brexit deal

MPs in British House of
Commons are currently
debating Prime Minister Boris
Johnson’s Brexit deal, amid
uncertainty about whether
the decisive vote on it will go

Incidentally, Mr Johnson’s
plan to get Parliament to
approve his divorce deal with
the European Union was
thrown into doubt today, as
lawmakers were first given a
vote on whether – yet again –
to delay their final decision
on Brexit.

At a rare weekend sitting of
Parliament, Johnson
implored legislators to ratify
the deal he struck this week
with the other 27 EU leaders.
He said members of the
House of Commons should
come together as democrats
to end this debilitating feud
that has wracked the country
for more than three years. He
told lawmakers that now is
the time for what he
described as the great House
to come together as he
believed people at home are
hoping and expecting. But he
may not get the vote he