Munish Gupta elected new president of FCC South Asia.

FCC South Asia Elections 2021-23 & AGM 24 March 2021

New Delhi

1 The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the FCC South Asia was held as scheduled on March 24, 2021 on the FCC Lawns in New Delhi. The report is as follows:

2. The AGM was attended by eligible Foreign Correspondent (FC) category members.

3. The AGM was conducted by the outgoing President, joined by the outgoing Managing Committee.

4. Results of the election held by secret electronic ballot for the post of President, and the 7 members of the Managing Committee elected unopposed, were duly announced by the Returning Officer, Mr. Ashok Sharma, accepted and approved by the House.

5. Result of election to the post of President: Mr Munish Gupta won, having polled 73 votes against Dr. Waiel Awwad, who polled 22 votes.

6. The seven members of the new Managing Committee elected unopposed are:
Ms Emily Schmall, Mr Sebastien Farcis, Ms Ruth Pollard, Ms Elizabeth Divya Puranam, Mr Raghavendra Verma, Mr Tawqeer Hussain, Mr Pankaj Yadav

7. The Annual Report was presented by the outgoing President and the Accounts presented by the outgoing Treasurer. They were placed before the House, accepted and approved by the House.

8. The outgoing President thanked the Managing Committee Members, Members, Staff, Returning Officer for the 2021-23 term elections, the Chartered Accounting firm, the FCC Lawyer and his team, FCC supporters, vendors and well wishers.

9. The new President and Managing Committee were introduced and will formally assume office on April 1, 2021. Their term ends on March 31, 2023.

10. The new President and Managing Committee members addressed the House. The AGM was adjourned

11. My outgoing team and I wish the new President and his Team a fruitful tenure said S Venkat Narayan
Outgoing President.