Never Indian history will see a so dignified PM as Narendra Modi who says to the citizens ‘Aap logo ne iss fakir ki jholi bhar di’.


New Delhi

Aap logon ne iss fakir ki jholi bhar di ,were the words addressed by our honorable PM Narendra Modi after winning elections at the BJP office addressing the supporters and citizens present.

A PM so dignified and down to earth will be rarely seen again in Indian Politics,A person who sees two category of people -One who need support and One who support needy.

The historic win has once again put the spotlight on India secularism,everybody contributed to Modi win be it Hindu or Muslim.

Such a person really deserve a great respect as Modi ji came in Indian Political history as a sage who evoked nationality sentiments in the citizens which had been buried for long.Now even an infant will get the genes of nationalism because of the atmosphere he has taken birth.

The expectations with which people have voted for Modi ji will be rightly awarded is what not.only I but all citizens might be thinking as the nation today is in safe hands.