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Not to test dead people for coronavirus orders Delhi Government to hospitals.

The Delhi government has ordered hospitals not to take samples of dead people to test for coronavirus.

“No sample for COVID-19 test will be taken of dead body. However, if doctors are satisfied from clinical examination that the cause of death may be COVID-19 infection, the dead body may be released as suspect COVID-19 infected dead body,” read a “revised order” issued on Sunday by Secretary of Health and Family Welfare Department, Padmini Singla.

“Following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) will be followed for disposal of the dead bodies of COVID-19 patient/COVID-19 suspect person,” the revised order said.

The Delhi government spokesperson said that other states were also not testing dead people for the virus. “Many times, families were insisting for COVID-19 testing of dead bodies before cremation, even if a person died at home as they were scared,” the spokesperson said.