Opening of lockdown a disaster in Delhi/Mumbai,State governments fails in containment.

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By Editor-in-Chief (Tarun Sharma)

New Delhi

Opening of lockdown has proved a disaster in Delhi and Mumbai. As the people coming out on street all together had created a worse situation which central government intervention in Delhi and Mumbai can only stop this virus from spreading as the state government seems to have failed in their strategies to control virus.

The opening of liquor shops and then other establishment to move up economy ladder has proved to be futile and only added to the woes of delhi citizens doubling the infection at such a pace that hospitals have no bed vacant.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government should intervene in Delhi and Mumbai covid management by their expert team of advisors on how to control and by providing assistance to these states as if the central government and our honorable PM doesnt come forward the situation is going to be such in Delhi and Mumbai that world would witness.

Author: sarkarimirror