PM Modi to feature in Discovery channel show ‘Man Vs Wild’

Prime Minister Narendra
Modi will feature in a special
episode of the iconic survival
television series Man Vs
Wild’ on Discovery Channel
tonight. Earlier, in a short
video about the programme,
the Prime Minister said, it will
contribute to the discourse of
environmental conservation.
He said, India is a place
where one will find lush green
forests, diverse wildlife, beautiful
mountains and mighty rivers. The Prime
Minister said, watching this
programme will make everyone
want to visit different parts of India.

It will be broadcast at 9PM
The show will be hosted by
renowned adventurer Bear
Grylls. Shot in Jim Corbett
National Park, the show will
create awareness about
environmental changes and
wildlife conservation. The
episode will be showcased in
over 180 countries across the
world on Discovery network
of channels