President Kovind gives assent to AERA (Amendment) Bill- 2019

President Ram Nath Kovind
has given his assent to The
Airports Economic Regulatory
Authority of India, AERA
(Amendment) Bill 2019. A
Gazette Notification to this
effect has been issued. The
Parliament had passed the
bill on 2nd of this month

The bill increases the
threshold of annual
passenger traffic for major
airports from 15 lakh to over
35 lakh passengers. Earlier,
the Airports Economic
Regulatory Authority of India
Act, 2008 defined a major
airport as one with annual
passenger traffic over 15
lakh, or any other airports as
notified by the central

As per the provisions of the
bill, the Authority will not
determine the tariff, tariff
structures,or the
development fees, in cases
where these amounts were a
part of the bid document on
the basis of which the airport
operations were awarded.