Punjab National Bank declares Q3(FY 2017-18) Results

Punjab National Bank declares Q3(FY 2017-18) Results

Shri Sunil Mehta, Managing Director & CEO, Punjab National Bank declared quarterly results of the Bank alongwith Shri K.V. Brahmaji Rao, Dr. Ram S Sangapure and Sh. Sanjiv Sharan, Executive Direcors of the Bank. Punjab National Bank’s Gross Business crossed Rs 11 lac Cr in Dec’17. Global Deposits of the Bank recorded a yoy growth of 5.9% to reach Rs 647998 Cr as on Dec’17. CASA deposits increased to Rs 267685 Cr in Dec’17 recording a yoy growth of 1.9%. CASA share stood at 45.52 % as on Dec’17.

2.​Global Net Advances increased to Rs 452110 Cr in Dec’17 up from Rs 385727 Cr in Dec’16 and recorded a growth rate of 17.2%. Retail loans stood at Rs 74582 Cr as on Dec’17, growing 22.2% on yoy basis over Dec’16.

3.​Operating Profit of the Bank for Dec’17 quarter increased to Rs 4245 Cr in Dec’17 up from Rs 2781 Cr in Dec’16 quarter i.e. YoY increase of 52.7%. Net Profit for Dec’17 Quarter stood at Rs 230 Cr up from Rs 207 Cr as on Dec’16 quarter with a yoy growth rate of 11.1%.

4.​The Bank witnessed decline in Cost of Deposit to 5.00% in 9MFY’18 from 5.38% in 9MFY’17. Cost of funds also declined from 4.66% in 9MFY’17 to 4.36% in 9MFY’18. The Provision Coverage Ratio (PCR) of the Bank improved to 60.78% as on Dec’17 from 54.96% in Dec’16. As on Dec’17, Gross NPAs ratio reduced to 12.11% from 13.31% at the end of Sept’17. Net NPA ratio reduced to 7.55% in Dec’17 from 8.44% in Sept’17. The GNPA and NNPA ratios are below Mar’17 level.

5.​The Bank launched “MISSION PARIVARTAN” i.e. People, Processes & Products transformational exercise for business excellence in June 2017 that encompasses ten focus areas aimed at improved efficiency, productivity and profitability.
6.​The Bank took various initiatives in human resources development by keeping employee morale high through the inclusion of employees’ voice in decision making e.g “Lead the Parivartan”. Reverse Mentoring concept for Select Top Officials is being implemented as a tool of Decision Support System and knowledge sharing. Proficiency Database was introduced to capture the functional expertise of senior officials in various roles/profiles. Bank has also introduced 360 degree employee evaluation process as a development and performance application tool that includes feedback from senior, peer and junior employees based on competency framework.