Robert Vadra express grief over not letting him meet his Wife Priyanka Gandhi in Lucknow and says for him Family & Wife comes first and pray for her safe return.

Today Robert Vadra husband of Congress Leader Priyanka Gandhi expressed grief over stopping him to visit Lucknow and not allowing him to meet his wife.This is what Robert wrote in a FB post today.

“I have been stopped to get to Lucknow, UP. to check on my wife and make sure she is fine and well.

I am shocked beyond belief, how Priyanka has been arrested under Section 151 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

I spoke with her yesterday & she informed me, that she has not been served with any order or notice. She has not been produced before a judicial officer & has not been allowed to meet her legal counsel.

I am really worried for her & I had packed my bag to go to Lucknow now, when I was informed that I won’t be allowed to step out of the airport. This is totally shocking that as a husband I can’t even go & support my wife.

Thankfully, she has a huge support of the masses.But for me, my family & my wife comes first.
I really hope & pray that she is released soon & is back home safe.”

courtesy: Robert Vadra FB Post