SAIL becomes the first Indian steel maker to roll NPB – 750

New Delhi: Continuing its efforts to strengthen country’s infrastructure and provide cost effective solutions to construction sector,Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL) has become the first domestic steel maker to successfully roll NPB–750 (NPP-750) Narrow Parallel Flange Beams. The depth of NPB-750 will be 750 millimetre with three different sectional weights as per the standards of BIS. NPB–750 has been successfully rolled by the new and state-of-the-art Universal Structural Mill (USM) of SAIL’s IISCO Steel Plant.

Beams with more depth, like in case of NPB–750, have higher load bearing capacity, which makes the construction more cost effective and saves time at the same time. NPB–750 can be used in infrastructure projects such as bridges, flyovers, railway bridges, frames for various factories, multi stories etc. The load bearing capacity of a narrow parallel flange beam is directly proportional to the depth of the beam. So, NPB–750 can provide better solutions for the construction projects in both private and public sectors.

In India, NPB in maximum 600 mm depth either rolled or readywas available so far. To fulfil requirements of NPB with more depth, it had to be fabricated, which resulted in wastage and increase in input cost. Apart from being cost effective and time efficient, NPB–750 will also provide more strength to the construction.